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This blog is about leading a work life worth living.

This blog is about leading a work life worth living.

State of the Union Career Search Roundup for 2011-1-25

Obama Photo by Marco Grob

On the eve of the State of the Union address for a bellwether in the global economy, we know the big picture headlines by now: Corporate profits have returned. Jobs for many have not yet. Is this the “new normal” or what transitions in a reshuffling labor market and economy look like?

It’s the latter. Both individuals and organizations in this country are too ambitious to leave 17% of the country untapped. Structurally, major poles in the economy — energy, technology and education — are being re-made. With them, nearly imaginable type of work life will change.

The trick is to remember they’re not re-made and handed to you. They’re re-made by your hand. As the waters change, there is century-making opportunity ahead. Your personal education, whether first-time or “re-training”, is more accessible than any time before. Sometimes the macro conditions today and over the next two years can be the tea leaves to read. Here’s a snapshot.

  • American Jobs, Gained And Lost by Jacob Goldstein and Jess Jiang — The jobs story summed up (though because based on government data, excludes most entrpreneurial innovation at the edges). (Planet Money)

  • Home From Nowhere by James Howard Kunstler — There is structural, not just cyclical, angst both in place and workplace. @newsycombinator summed it up well: Americans sense that something is wrong with the places where we live and work. (The Atlantic)

  • Tom Friedman’s Warning on American Competitiveness by Tom Ashbrook — The refrain is energy and education, research and infrastructure. (OnPoint)

  • Where the Smart People Are Going by Richard Florida — Opportunity hubs are not evenly distributed. Face to face still matters. Right now cities are winning the ‘marked increase in human capital density”. (The Atlantic)

  • The West Wing, Season II by John Heilemann — The remaking of a president and maybe the country, “Almost overnight, Barack Obama overhauled his White House and rewrote much of the script. Now all he needs is a happy ending.” (New York Magazine)

  • CNN Poll: Americans more optimistic on state of nation — While a majority continue to think that things are going badly in the country, 43 percent “feel that things are going well”, a rebound to April 2007 levels. Lawrence Summers once said confidence is the most cost-efficient stimulus solution. Opportunity calls. (CNN).

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