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This blog is about leading a work life worth living.

This blog is about leading a work life worth living.

Bezos: Minimize Regrets


Bijan Sabet highlights an interview excerpt with Jeff Bezos from 2001 over at the Academy of Achievement (another great resource for learning about careers). When thinking about the big professional forks in the road — and they all feel big — Bezos worked to look through the long lens. It came down this: minimize regrets.

So, it really was a decision that I had to make for myself, and the framework I found which made the decision incredibly easy was what I called — which only a nerd would call — a “regret minimization framework.”…So, I wanted to project myself forward to age 80 and say, “Okay, now I’m looking back on my life. I want to have minimized the number of regrets I have.”

Great advice for not only what we choose to do next, but also how we choose to do it.

Whether it’s a job search with multiple potential directions, or you’re thinking about taking the plunge as a founder in a startup, what door, if left unopened, will bum you out? If you’re already doing what you want to be doing, is there something in how you’re going about it that may leave you with regret?

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